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Sunday August 20, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Tonight Alex Tryst brings us a ramble ...

Softball the game of Lesbians. You know, someone recently asked me why so many lesbians play softball. Why is it the game for them? I have been pondering that as my own softball season comes to a close. This year I played on a company-sponsored co-ed team for the first time. It was sort of strange to be playing with guys along side of me. Iím so used to it being girls only. For as far back as my softball career has been (since I was 12, and Iím now 30), Iíve played with only girls. Back in those early days, the thought never crossed my mind if my fellow players were lesbians or not. We were just kids having fun. As I moved into high school, the thought still didnít cross my mind, because plenty of players had their little boyfriends or were cheerleaders. In fact, it wasnít until college that I realized the pool of lesbians that circled around the diamond.

Why did they become so prominent then? I donít know, but hereís something I have figured out by happenstance. Women, and lesbians in particular in my experience, kick booty in softball! Take my latest team for example. The women on my softball team are far superior to the men. They have better skills and more competitive spirit. There was almost a rumble with my girls this year against another team who was mouthing off. The men were no where to be found while the girls wanted to throw down the gauntlet and put the competition in their place. They out hit, out fielded, and generally just outplayed the guys.

The one common thread that held us girls together was that we all played ball well through high school and some of us even through college. Now Iím just speculating here, because I am too new to the company to know for sure, but of our team, I would say a fair share of the woman have the lesbian tendency. There not all lesbians (some are married, some involved with guys), but they all have the tendency. Maybe itís just my charm with these women, but the vibes are always there. Even my office crush (see Office Crush Revisited Ramble) has the vibe out there, and sheís in a supposed committed relationship.

So maybe softball is not the game of lesbians. Maybe itís the game of those lesbian-inclined. Who knows? If you can answer the lesbian softball question, I have people who want to know, so please drop me a line at

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Tuesday August 16, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

I have a very special treat for you all.. yes we have a ramble here from someone very special in the Xenaverse..the one and only Word Warrior also known as Wordee.
So sit back and enjoy a ramble and be sure to email her and say HELLO!!

The Xenaverse hasn't heard much out of me for a few years so for those of you who haven't a clue who I am, I don't blame ya. I'm not quite sure why the mistress of a place called Beyond Uber asked me, a writer of 'classic' Xena stories, to ramble, but who am I to question it? Ramble I shall.

When Xena ended, I slipped quietly out of fandom, thinking everyone would probably do the same. I was wrong. Not only are many of the old fans still around, but the reruns of the show are gaining new fans all the time. The trends in fanfic passed me by, as well. On the day uber was created, I started a story set in feudal Japan, but it didn't take me long to realize that it had moved well beyond uber within a few chapters. I guess that could justify my rambling on a site called Beyond Uber after all. But alas, I never posted that story. It became an epic on which someday I hope to have the time to finish working.

I haven't been writing fanfic or working on the Japanese novel because I've been busy writing other things. I teach an online class in comedy writing called "Get Funny" that's most likely in a school near you. I recently had a bit of a thrill when I was interviewed by a reporter from the Boston Herald for a feature article about the class. It'll be out this week (not sure of the day) both on the newsstands and in the paper's online edition.

I've also been busy writing books. I have four illustrated nonfiction books out and another coming out in October of this year. If you go to my website there's a link for that shows you all the books. There are two books in the mind/body/spirit genre from Godsfield Press called 10 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Your Cat and 10 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog. Also from Godsfield Press is a book about runes, called Exploring Your Destiny With Runes. That's the one that's coming out in October. From Carroll & Brown (UK) and Ronnie Sellers Productions (USA) is a cheeky little book named A Girl's Best Friend that is all about the relationship between women and their dogs and features gorgeous photos and illustrations from the 1920s & 30s Illustrated London News. And finally, from Carroll & Brown (UK) and Ulysses Press (USA) comes The Wisdom of Yo Meow Ma. I had a blast writing that one. It's a nonfiction book wrapped in a fictional frame about an ancient sage cat who developed a system of writing so that she could teach future generations of kittens how to live a spiritually fulfilling life. Featuring gorgeous watercolor illustrations, it makes a great gift. Enough plugging?

But wait! There's more! Well, nothing to plug for you to buy, but I have returned to my fiction roots and have been writing novels. For those who prefer lesbian fiction, my apologies, as I've gone back to writing het stuff (yeah, I'm actually a straight chick) in the romantic suspense genre. My agent is shopping around one novel while I'm busy writing the next one.

I've also been busy writing songs. For those of you who liked my audio tapes of fanfic, you might have heard me break into song on more than one occasion. With the Mac's ingenious program, Garageband, I've been able to branch out into writing my own songs, instead of just singing standards. Although I mostly write jazz, cuz that's what I love to sing, I've dabbled in some other genres as well. You can find links on my web page under 'Music'. I've even sent out some demo CDs, so wish me luck as I try to sell a song or two!

It just occurred to me that I have no idea who would be interested in all of this stuff. It always sounds so strange to just list the "what I've been doing" garbage, as if anyone cared. Ah well, I was told to ramble about that and to mention what fanfic meant to my life. Here comes that second part.

Fanfic gave me back my will to write fiction. That's the short version, but it's the stone cold truth. I had begun to doubt myself when I first discovered Xena fandom and then, without really knowing what fanfic was and having only seen a handful of episodes, I found myself on a mailing list that was dedicated to fanfic. I decided to join the fun and started writing stories. What I hadnít expected was feedback. I thought I'd post them on the web and maybe someone would read them and I'd never know anything about it.

That held true for a while. Then I wrote a story called Truth or Dare and suddenly my inbox was bursting with reactions to the story. I couldn't believe it! All those people actually took the time to tell me that they liked the story, talked about it, yelled at me for writing it (well, the homophobes were out in force in those old days), or discussed some of the details of it. This had never happened to me before. For the first time in my life I felt the impact of the reader. It was incredible.

It gave me back my confidence and strengthened my will to write. It led me to the life I'm now living, with several titles on bookshelves across the globe, volumes that have been translated into several languages, a literary agent working hard to get my novels picked up by a major publisher, and teaching a class that's in over 1150 schools worldwide. That's what Xena fanfiction has given to me.

Raven Here - No!!Thank YOU!!!

If you would like to relive the wonderful works of Word Warrior they can be found at:

You can contact Wordee at

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Friday August 11, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Tonight we have a ramble from Alex Tryst revisiting a subject she wrote about some time ago.. Enjoy!!!

The Office Crush (Revisited)

So, okay. About a month ago I wrote a ramble about the office crush and mental cheating. I received some responses from you out there. (Thanks to you all you emailed.) By the responses, it seems the majority is in agreement. The idea of mental cheating is ridiculous. To quote one email (You know who you are.), ďIt doesn't matter where you get your appetite from as long as you eat at home.Ē This seems to say it all according to most of you. I, too, feel this way. However, I have a confession to make. Since that posting, my situation has changed a bit.

I have an office crush, which is fine, because it makes the work day more interesting. Thereís a problem though, and I want to know if Iím the only one out there like this. Have any of you ever taken your office crushes out of the work place? Have you been out with them socially? Or have you thought about them outside of the workplace? My answer to both of these questions is yes. What is my point you may be asking? Well, my new question is this. When does the office crush go from innocent to potentially dangerous?

Now I must say I am married, and I would never do anything to hurt that relationship. But at the same time I can be a notorious flirt. Itís a well-known fact by all women who know me. Usually the office crush begins with mild flirtation just to see if I can hook a woman (the do I still have it mentality), but once sheís hooked and responding the way I want, there really is no where to go with it. I canít. I wonít. Ever. End of discussion. Itís all supposed to be an amusing diversion and usually with the understanding between both parties that nothing will become of it.

My new problem is that in the last two jobs Iíve had, my office crushes have been significantly younger than me (and both straight), and these women are wicked. They do not take no for an answer. Now I have a weak spot of women, always have, always will. I can hardly ever say no to them no matter who they are or what they want, but these women take it to a new level. Since when did these (straight) office crushes want to become your girlfriend, your mistress, your wife? Theyíre supposed to be the safe ones. Since when did they want to suck out every ounce of your time, energy, and money? For goodness sakes, they have boyfriends of their own!

Anyway, I digress. My point is these days the modern woman has changed, and office crushes are a dangerous territory for me. I feel like you canít even trust the ďstraightĒ ones. Now I have to figure out a way to detach from them, but I havenít been quiet successful. Take for example my last job, which I left three months ago. My office crush still contacts me and wants to get together. (We havenít, but she wonít let it go.) My new office crush at my current job canít stop emailing me, touching me, and talking to me every time when pass each other in the hall or if weíre out socially in a group from work. (Iíve always be known I was a magnet for those curious types, but come on.) At first it was cool, but now itís a problem.

What has started as a blithe game to pass time has turned into a nightmare. The difference between these two women and the rest Iíve had experience with is there age (early twenties). Now thatís not to say all women of that age are this way, and I havenít met any older women or older lesbians like this. Itís only the young straight girls. Who knew? So, my question to all of you is how do you get rid of a straight girl who wonít take no for an answer? Perplexing, isnít it? It is my opinion that this all comes back to the age (because Iíve had a lot of straight office crushes 30+ who can play the game and not become this way). Can anyone refute this? Iím not trying to pick on any woman in their early twenties. I guess Iím just trying to understand the mentality. Are they so carefree and self-assured that they are comfortable playing both sides of the fence without really playing both sides? (Although Iíve had offers to follow through on suggestive comments.) Do they just see it as a way to gain monetarily? I mean what is the deal? I donít understand it at all. Can someone enlighten me on these women? Anyone else had this experience with this age group? Anyone in this age group that can explain it to me? Lastly, anyone have advice on how to drop a straight girl? (I canít believe I have to ask that question.)

All right. Thatís it for now. My long-winded whining about straight girls is done for the moment. Iím off to continue to fend off those baffling advances. Drop me a line anytime about anything (not just this subject) at

Now enjoy this evenings fiction!

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Tuesday August 8, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Well Hello Out There!!

Hope your all having a great summer!! Part of that summer fun is taken in by our authors so now more then ever you need to let them know how much they are appreciated for taking the time to write when they could be out there playing!!

You may have noticed as I have that many of our favorite author's been leaving the net. I think a contributing factor is the lack of response from readers.. please so take a moment today and write your favorite author old or new and let them know how much it means to you to have these wonderful stories to enjoy!!
If you are truly in love with a story be sure to save it as one day it maybe hard if not impossible to find, better yet if they have become published show the author how much you appreciate them by purchasing their published works!!

Hug a bard..they may just write you a story!! ;)

Now on to some new treats for your fiction addiction!!

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Monday August 7, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Well Dez has graced us with another reader recommendation.. take it away Dez!

Kim Pritekel never ceases to entertain with story after story having similar features,(green eyed blondes and blue eyed brunettes, as an uber dictates), yet completely individual characters.

Bible Thumpin' is a take on a nearly impossible coupling, and somehow finds a "happy-ever-after", after all. I was also very jazzed it was completed in one dose, imagine the uber junkie with a satisfied smile, staring into a screen saver, quite the vision, isn't it?? I bet if you read it, you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Also, I've read the first three parts of KP's newest offering "1049 Club", I recommend you take time to read and heed the disclaimers, as the beginning is immensely horrific, graphically violent, and a difficult subject to take on, since there are rarely survivors in this type of tragedy to glean any insight on the subject. Kim's words make it seem very real., I mean, read for yourself. I anxiously await the next parts...sweeter realities...dez

  • 1049 Club by Kim Pritekel on Merwolf's Academy of Bards *Dez recommends (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Tempico Terror by Bliss on Butches Babes and Bards synopsis: Is it an emergency or an unscheduled lock down? Ensign Sheerah Riane must discover which it is. What or who will she find along the way? (Beyond Uber Alt) BR>

  • Testimony by Lessa on Merwolf's Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Saturday August 5, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Today I have a ramble from a avid Reader!! Yep Welcome Dez !!!

Hi! I'm an avid reader of fan fiction/uber posted on this site. Chances are I've read about 80% of the stories hosted since I found my way to this incredible xenaverse. Yeah, it's true...I read alot!

Raven has asked me, for a ramble on finding fanfic and what it has meant to me. I am happy to oblige.

My name is Dez, and I'm Xenalogically, a late bloomer. I was watching a video of Saturday afternoon cooking shows I'd recorded while I was at work. Apparently, I programmed in the wrong channel that day and to my surprise, instead of backyard BBQ, two women were erotically dancing around each other, leaving my mouth watering in a pleasantly different way. My first Xena: Warrior Princess episode was Heart of Darkness.

I was completely hooked. Then devastated the series was ending, as I'd just found it. I found myself searching for memorabilia in collector card/comic book stores, used record stores, and book stores. Buying action figures, comics, and discovered there was a magazine devoted to the cool is that?? In the last issue, there was a list of websites relating to all things Xena, the actors, props, fan sponsored sites, and of course, fan fiction. Fan Fiction? What the h*ll is fan fiction??? I, again, was intrigued.

So, the very next day, I bought a computer,(I did say I was a late bloomer, now didn't I??!!!) got a dial up service, and enter, The Royal Academy of Bards, Xenaville, and Whoosh. WOW!!! and WOW!!!

I had no idea Xena and Gabrielle got down like that. Who would've thought...apparently millions of people did. So "A" would be a good beginning point. Somewhere in the middle, the title Another Amazon Princess caught my eye, and was the first fan written story I read. There's never a day that goes by, without me booting up and finding a story to read, or looking for updates for unfinished stories that I'm following, which BTW is a very long list. I have great amounts of patience and try to encourage the bards by sending an occasional e-mail, sometimes I beg and plead, ask pointed questions, but usually end up rambling on about anything on my mind at the time. Hopefully the writers are smiling if not laughing at my off the wall humor sent their way. I figure all these wonderful, intelligent, and gifted people have entertained me on a daily basis, have made such an impact on my take on living, have made me smile, I would return the favor, if I can. When a writer responds, it means alot to me...almost like making a new pal at school...that understands you on some level...ya know?

I'm glad there is places like Beyond Uber, it's so much better than TV!! Thank you Raven...

Sweet Realities...dez

Thank you Dez for your thoughts and recommendations!!

If you feel the need to ramble or recommend a story please just email me!!

  • Once Upon a Future by Linda Crist on Merwolf's Academy of Bards - Raven Recommends!!! (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Thursday August 3, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

A Ramble you say.. yes another fine day and an wonderful ramble to share.. this evening we will be delighted by the thoughtful and talented Alex Tryst!!...Here's Alex

Ramble? Is that what we really do here at Ravenís? I suppose so. I mean after all, is there really a point to these glimpses into someoneís mind? Maybe. Then again maybe not. I guess you can judge. As some of you know me, you will not be surprised to learn about what is on my mind today. Itís the same as any other day, hour, minute. Women. They are such a fascinating enigmas. Yes, you probably noted I said they. True, on the outside I too look like one of them, but my wife assures me, ďOh, you are such a guy!Ē I always blame it on the pesky Y chromosome, of which I donít really have, but she seems to think I do. As a woman I still donít understand women. My male friends often say that I should since Iím one of them, but what they donít get and I at least acknowledge is that the complexity of the female gender is as vast as our universe. Things can go unexplored, uncharted, unknown for years until one day you discover something that was previously never there. Amazing, donít you think?

Take my darling honey for example. Everything could be absolutely fine. We could be having a nice evening at home. She walks out of the room, and wham! Iím hearing about how I didnít take the trash out at the top of her voice, because sheís happened to walk into the kitchen to get a beverage. Tell me, where did my wife go in those ten seconds? What happened in her mind between getting off the couch and going into a different room? I have no idea. Could someone please tell me? Or how about my mother? That is a woman I have known my entire life. And you know what? The only thing consistent about her is her inconsistency. I absolutely never know what Iím going to get when I speak to her.

Of course there are good surprises about women too. The first time you find one of their weaknesses, like chocolate, shoes, or chick flicks. They think youíre brilliant and shower you with affection. Or how about the first time you discover their favorite flower or wine? What about when you find a previously unknown erogenous zone? Ever wonder why they change sometimes? I do. What works one day can be a complete dead zone the next.

What is my point you might be asking yourself. Iím not sure I have one. Well, actually I do. My point is that women, even as mystifying as they can be, are the best things in the world in my opinion. I am biased and have to say one is more so above all others in my book, but in general all of them are fabulous creatures. I live every day to find some new undiscovered territory in the lives of the women around me. Even though I occasionally hit a landmine, it doesnít seem to dissuade me for exploring the great unknown world of female personas.

Of course there may be some of you out there who have them all figured out, and if you do, I want to hear from you. Lend me your wisdom, so I can stop tripping over obstacles in my exploration. As always, you can find me at Hereís wishing you, ladies (and token gents), a lovely rest of the day.

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Wednesday August 2, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Ohhh your in for a treat tonight.. a fun fun ramble from the one .. the Only.... Vivian Darkbloom!!!

PS Raven Recommends Vivian and LJ James work .. check out the sites below!

Soóafter kidnapping the Lindbergh baby, assassinating Trotsky, invading Poland, stabbing Lana Turnerís lover, introducing Marilyn to JFK, killing Jimmy Hoffa and burying him under the Vatican, burgling Watergate, lending Nixon my tape machine, letting Michael Jackson spend the night with my triplets, lending Pee Wee my porn stash, going into that bathroom stall with George Michael, befriending Monica Lewinsky, telling Condaloser Rice that Dubya has a crush on her, and performing plastic surgery on Mickey Rourke, youíd think Iíd caused enough trouble in my life. But no, apparently our Beyond Uber mavens havenít had enough: Iíve been asked to do the ramble thing again.

More specifically, Iíve been asked to write about fanfiction and its impact on me, and so on and so forth. How has it changed my life? My hairstyle? My fashion sense, or lack thereof?

Not dramatically would be the answer to the hair and fashion questions. But I have had to face the sad reality of wearing glasses full-time now, and thatís no doubt because of rereading goddamn Coup de Grace five million times in search of grammar, continuity glitches, and dreaded typos (and I still havenít caught all of themÖbut Iíll get you all, my prettys!).

(Have I pimped that story lately? No, I havenít. So let me say again, in my best Oliver Twist fashion: Please read my story!)

Anyway, I lie. You know that, right? All writers are liars. Two very important things have happened to me because of my involvement in writing fic.

First, I became a better writer. While itís not always true that quality = quantity, the more you write, the better chance you have of developing your skills and your voice. This goes hand in hand with listening to your audience and your peers for all kinds of feedback. Having an audience has made a huge difference for me. Those of us who write these stories have invested a lot of time and effort in providing our stories free of charge. Readers make a similar investment, and everyone knows, in this particularly troublesome and intrusive electronic era of human history, what a precious commodity free time is. So I pay proper respect to the folks who have put said time and effort into reading my stories: Thank you.

Second, Iíve made some really wonderful friends through my participation in fandomómost notably, my colleague and platonic drinking soulmate, that Grand Dame of Xena erotica, Miss LN James. (And if any of you young whippersnappers havenít read any of LNís stories by now, shame on you. Go read! And the rest of you? Go reread!)

So I guess thatís how fanfic has changed my life. I suppose you were expecting me to say it gave me crabs or something like that, but you canít believe everything you read on the internets. And thus in closing I say, God bless us all, everyone! Oh wait. Tiny Timís line, that. How about: Thank you all for making this a wonderful experience for me. Keep reading, keep writing, keep growing. And donít vote Republican.

Vivian Darkbloom

Looking for some fun check out her site: miss darkbloom

You must read these tales.. you can find LN James work at :

Now for your fiction addiction..

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  • Nwyn by PsiDraconis on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Monday July 31, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Hey there!! Been Crazy Busy.. no excuse.. working on more fun updates and if your interested in assisting with our site please shoot me an email ;)

For this Evening we are honored to present Ė SX

Hi, Susan Meagher here. Yes, Iím also known as SX. Those are my initials, and I like being called either name. Iím using my full name on new books, just to make it clear Iím a woman.

Speaking of books, Iíve been busy publishing this year: getting four books in the I Found My Heart In San Francisco series printed, as well as Arbor Vitae. In August, Iíll have the fifth book in the series, Entwined, and All That Matters ready.

I formed a company, Brisk Press, to publish my books. For those of you who attended GCLS and went to a seminar I appeared on, youíve heard my reasons for doing this. Iíll fill the rest of you in now :).

I like to write big books.

All That Matters is over 120,000 words. Iíd guess the majority of books in the genre are 40-60 thousand words. Most publishers canít afford to print a book that big and make any money from itóunless they charge a good bit more. And itís not necessarily in their best interests to do that. They have to put out a lot of money to have the book printedóand hope their customers understand why this particular book is worth significantly more than the rest of their catalogue. If they canít do thatótheyíre stuck with a book that isnít selling. And they donít love that book like I do :).

By self-publishing, I can make my books any size I want and still price them competitivelyósince I donít have to pay a distributor to handle them. And I donít mind having the excess inventory in my basement. Over time I know Iíll sell them. Iíd probably sell more, maybe a lot more, by going with a publisher. But I like to be involved in the whole process. I like the layout to look a certain way. I like to use heavyweight, recycled paper. In other words, Iím a pain. But at least I recognize that and donít try to make the publishers cater to my needs. Sometimes youíve gotta pay to be high-maintenance :).

One more small benefit of self-publishing is that I can personalize/autograph the books for each buyer. The website for the books is

Iíve spent so much time getting the books printed that I havenít been able to write anything entirely new. But I have made good progress on the next book in the series, and am now posting Book 16 in parts on my Yahoogroups lists. The book is still in draft form, but itíll be in good shape by the time I post it with Beyond Uber.

I have a lot more ideas for new books than I have time. Iím not sure what Iím going to work on next, so Iíll root through my long list of ideas and see what piques my interest. As always, whatever it is will probably be long and center around what happens after the couple gets together. I like a Ďgirl meets girl and falls in love and they live happily ever afterí book as much as the next lesbian. But I get more pleasure in writing about the little things that make a new relationship work or fail. As luck would have it, the relationships always work in my books :).

Iím going to be in Provincetown, MA on Friday, August 25th at 4 p.m. Iíll be reading from All That Matters and perhaps a little extra short story at a Now Voyager event. The event is being held at Vixen Nightclub. So, come early and hang out and dance. By the way, Radclyffe is going to be there the next Friday afternoon. So some on the 25th and stay for a week :D. What could be better than a week in Pítown in August?

Now Voyager is a great independent store. Theyíre the only bookstore where my books are currently available. I havenít wanted to sell through too many stores, since itís a big enough job to sell to individuals. But theyíre very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend them.

Thatís all for now. I can be reached at for comments, questions, and answers :). My website is

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble, and thanks to Beyond Uber for all of their hard work.


Now for your fiction addiction..

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  • Illusions by R.D. Wylder on Passion and Perfection (Beyond Uber Alt)
  • Space Between by JLNicky on Butches, Babes and Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Stud 7-8 by S. Berry on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Wednesday July 19, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Good Evening..

Short and to the point.. we have a great new ramble from Kim P ;) Thank you Kim for all your stories!

Remember folks to keep this wonderful fiction on the net we need to .. Feed the Bards!!

Now here.. is Kim..

HHello, everyone! Wow, one million hits. Go, Raven! That's wonderful. Thank you so much for hosting our work all these years. I know I certainly appreciate it.

I discovered Xena during the hiatus between fourth and fifth season, so I frantically went about buying all the seasons, then only on VHS, to catch up. During that time I happened upon fan fiction. At first, I flat refused to read or find out what Uber was all about, only wanting to read the X/G fan fic. That way I got what the show couldn't give. No doubt true for all of you, too. Anyway, so I decided one day to give it a go, and try my hand at writing an X/G fan fic. I think my first post was A New Life, though i could be wrong. I remember bard, GabGold got me in contact with a webmistress who poasted for me. I was terrifie!!! before that moment, I'd never allowed anyone to read anything I'd ever written. I was young, in my early twenties, and just had no clue what to expect.

To my astonishment, readers responded immediately to that story, and very favorably. I was so excited! lol Anyway, so I decided to try again, and ended up writing four X/G stories before moving on the Uber. By that time, I had gotten over my stubborn streak and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Fateful decision, as I'm still obsessed to this day. : ) Anyway, writing the fan fic, whether it was X/G or my other work, it has changed my life. Not only have I been able to hone my craft, but I have met some of the most remarkable people, both in person and online. The Xenaverse is the most incredible place to be, and I am proud to be a member. As well as allowing me to hone my craft, writing online has helped me to reach the dream I've harbored since I was 9 years old- to see my name across a published novel. I've published one, "First," as well as have contracts for two more coming out this winter, "Lessons" and next spring, "Twilight." It's been an incredible ride, and I couldn't have taken it without you guys, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In the six years since I started writing fan fic, I've been through personal tragedies, financial and emotional ruin, and you guys have all gotten me through it, whether you realize it or not. You guys are my family and often my inspiration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You can find my online work at or my published work at: or

Kim Pritekel

For all of Kim Pritekel's works, go to

Now for your fiction addiction..

  • Savage 2 by phair on Phair's Site (Beyond Uber Alt)***By Request of Phair - SSAVAGE is going to be a wild ride and everybody should read the disclaimer carefully before jumping onboard.

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Monday July 17, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Well folks thanks for the support for all these years!

As I mentioned yesterday we hit our 1 millionth hit and with that we have some great new rambles for you! In celebrating I also asked the authors .. how has fan fiction changed your life? I asked some very special ( my favorite ;) to help us celebrate,tonight we have one of your favorites.. here is Carrie Carr!!!

Wow. A million hits - that is amazing!

I was honored when Raven asked me to Ramble - especially since this is one of the sites I frequent. Fan fiction literally changed my life.

Almost 7 years ago, I found something called "fan fiction" on the Internet. Since I had become almost obsessed (in a good way) of a certain television show we all know and love, I was thrilled beyond words at finding new "episodes" online. And, they were amazing! Let's just say, I ended up buying a lot of ice. Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Whew!

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. Fan fiction. I quickly gobbled up everything I could find. These wonderful writers inspired me - BL Miller, Bat Morda, Della Street, T Novan, Tonya Muir, Melissa Good, and so many others I can't even begin to list. The talent from the Xenaverse was mind-boggling. I'll admit, I had been writing my own "fan fiction" for quite a few years - but I never showed anyone. But seeing all these brave souls sharing their works gave me courage. Well, that and a few beers, but I digress. :-)

It wasn't long before I found "Uber" fiction. Oh, wow! This was really great! Cops, secret agents, westerns, you name it - I was in heaven. So, I tried my hand at it, and Lex and Amanda were "born". These two invaded my dreams, and the only way I could quiet them, was to scribble down their stories. I was certainly not complaining - one of my first fan mails came from a wonderful woman who ended up becoming my wife. It doesn't get any better than that!

I've met the woman of my dreams, and made some of the best friends I could have ever hoped for. I've met people from all over the world, and traveled the country to meet them. I've had books published (thank you Regal Crest Enterprises - )- me, the woman who actually got a failing grade in high school grammar. I even have my own website - - which is something I *never* thought would happen.

So, thank you, Beyond Uber. One million hits is just the beginning - I can't wait to see where the future leads us!

Carrie Carr

Now for your fiction addiction...

ps...Hey, thanks for all of Dusty's bones! MUST KEEP HIM BUSY!!!! ;) mysticmaiden

  • Promises by AnnieSA on Butches Babes and Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Room For Life by Jaye Morgan on Butches Babes and Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Friday July 14, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Oh My God!!!

It's So Exciting!!

Today!! Yes, it looks like TODAY July 14, 2006 will be the day that Beyond Uber...

Reaches the Milestone of 1 Million HITS!!! We are only...150 hits to go!!!! Who out there will be the wonderful person to put us over the edge??

Yea.. assorted screaming and shouting!! Come on Dance now.. Snoopy Dance.. Snoopy Dance!!

..Release the Doves.....

The music begins.. Queen.. We Are the Champions.. We are the Champions!!!MP>

Till we get the 1 millionth hit here is some fiction to keep you busy ;) RAven

OMG! There goes Raven with her Snoopy Dance! Everyone cover your eyes! ::grin::

Well, hello everyone, Mystic Maiden here... Raven has asked me to put my two cents worth into a ramble to commemorate BeyondUber's ONE MILLIONTH hit.

Rambling is harder than one might imagine. You see, one has to possess either a sense of humor or some insight or some interesting story to tell...well ::G:: here goes nothing... ;)

I want to congradulate Raven for keeping BeyondUber's spirit alive. Even though there were many times in recent years that she had no time to even think on a personal level, much less keep ever hungry nutballs much like yourself fed with plenty of stories and entertaining Ramble Antics. Thank goodness there have been wonderful updaters who could take up the slack in those times. She truly LOVES providing this service and is very excited to keep supporting all the wonderful bards out there willing to give up long hours to provide you with enticing stories.

Ok, on with my RAMBLE...hummm how about one of my favorite subjects, our 'new'(relative term) puppy Dusty Cole aka Monster Destructo, Buddy Boy or Buster Brown. He is an 11 month old 'brown tri' Australian Shepherd. Born on my birthday last year, he will be a year old next month! Doggie cake and frosty paws for all ;) yumm.

We've been saying that Dusty will be quite a wonderful little dog if he lives to be a year old! Thank goodness he only has a month to go.
I have had to build this elaborate kennel system in the basement for him and his sister Rio. Quite a bit of room has been alotted to them and a very convenient doggie door so they can go outside anytime the urge arrises. This is truly a sweet system, you see we have come a long way!!

What you must understand is that this is the first 'puppy' for both of us in a very long time. The last puppy Raven had was when she was young and mine was at least 11 years ago when I was blessed with Kd, my first Aussie and who Raven absolutely fell in love with when she met her.

Kd was a truly exceptional dog! She undoubtably spoiled both of us. However, Aussie's only live about an average of 10 years give or take a few and she passed in Feb of 2005. After she passed we decided that a house just isn't a home without an Aussie Doggie in it. That's when we found Kd's half sister Rio and adopted her...well, she is nothing like Kd! Not that we expected her to be but WOW what a different personality! After months of whining and getting used to her new home Rio is finally settling in here. It didn't help that we threw into the mix a new 8 week old puppy only 6 months after Rio. I know, I know, we are glutten for punishment!

:::gentle reminder::: "Ramble: 1 a : to move aimlessly from place to place b : to explore idly 2 : to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion 3 : to grow or extend irregularly"

So here we are a whiny dog in need of as much attention as she can get and a puppy who demands all the attention we can muster up...UGH, WHAT HAVE WE DONE! :::red faced with arms waving in the air:::

Ok, I can say no more... hey, what's all that applause for?!?... humpf. Well, I'm sure you'll be hearing more about the antics of Dusty Cole soon so stay tuned. In the meantime be off with ya and at the end of each story you read jot down a few thoughts about what you just read and shoot it over to the author who slaved for hours getting it out of their head for you to read.

Peace for all!

Mystic Maiden

  • Tempest by Gun Brooke on her site (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Tuesday July 11, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven


Good Morning!!!

Been busy working on a few things for July.. busy busy.. you'll see ;)

For now here are the latest updates:

  • Diving Into The Turn By Carrie Carr posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt) Raven HIGHLY RECOMMENDS!!!

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Saturday July 8, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven


I received several wonderful emails from you folks identifying the story we were looking for and after the reader who was searching for the tale confirms with me I will be sharing with you the conclusion!

You are awesome and I appreciate your help! If others of you out there need assistance finding a site or story please just email and I will post for more help the other readers out there!

I am working on several invitations for rambles and hope to have more for you in a few days! For the moment here is some fiction to keep you out of trouble ;)



The story we were looking for is:
Driven by Susanne Beck and TNovan
Thanks Again 2 All!!!

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Friday July 7, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven


Thanks to those that have sent their ramble requests.. and I say .. keep them coming!! We are here to bring you your favorites!

Request from a reader who needs to ID a story and author: Synopsis is -

Basketball theme.
WBNA theme. College recruite and also first round draft. The coach was a famous woman player, who had the nickname of "Godess".
College recruite was beaten up in the parking lot and the Goddess gave her a dog.
In the end Olympic gold medal.
**IF you know this story or author please email me and I will pass this information along! Thank YOU in advance!!!

Now on with our evening RAMBLE - Tonight for your enjoyment the author of her latest - Brave New World and also known for her Valient is D !!!

When Raven asked me to ramble, I sat down to figure out what I could ramble on about. The weather? I live in Florida and it is hurricane season - I don't think so. Politics? Religion? More people have died in God's name because of greedy politicians than for every other reason combined, so..... NO. Myself? Please - I am so average I fit the profile of the typical American family... well, except I have 2 whole children instead of the 1.7 the profile calls for. And those children are teenagers; they stopped having cute stories to tell about them years ago - unless you count the sex talk I had to have with each of them when puberty kicked in and I don't think any of us are ready for me to share the details of THAT. (Imagine explaining what a Eunuch is to the then 13 year old boy and go from there.)

I suppose I could talk about writing, but even that is controversial these days. So many folks take their writing so seriously, and I just don't. I write for me because it is something I enjoy doing. Life's too short to make work out of a hobby. Besides, how serious can a writer be when their muse is named Pink & Fluffy?? Yeah, no kidding - my muse is named Pink & Fluffy, mostly because I totally channel radical Dite vibes, dude. Of course it helps that my two remaining brain cells *and* my two typing fingers are also named Pink & Fluffy. It makes it really easy to get everyone on the same page when I sit down to write. I only have to call for Pink & Fluffy for everyone to be there. :-)

Of course having a muse named Pink & Fluffy does have a down side. Did you know you can flip over the handle of a pallet jack that was running at full speed if you stop suddenly because your characters unexpectedly decided to share more than you EVER needed to know at work??? Fortunately, that only happened once. I'm not sure I could have survived twice.

I would like to say I think readers totally rock! I write for me, but it is gratifying to know there are folks out there who appreciate the stories I have to tell... especially when it takes months between stories as it has for the Valiant Series. For those of you who have been patiently waiting for that happy ending, it will come in the next and final installment of the series which I am presently writing. I am also working on a WW/X:WP crossover called Brave New World which is only being posted at my site at the moment. I have found that writing two stories concurrently cuts down on writer's block and if that doesn't work, I have half a dozen ideas in the hopper for new projects.íGrinĒ

I'll get back to writing now. I once thought I had control of what and when and how I wrote. Pink & Fluffy was more than happy to correct that misconception on my part and she gets antsy if she feels like she is being ignored. Thanks to the readers who take the time to feed the bards, to the webmistresses who format and post the many stories out there (especially mine, which are particularly nightmarish) and to Raven, who invited me to ramble. It was really nice to be here.

-- D

  • Fruitionby S. Berry (E-Scribblers).. (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Wednesday July 5, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven


How was your holiday?? Any interesting stories to share?? Come on .. speak up!!

Ok folks.. looking for requests!! Come on now I need you to let us know what authors you would like hear from!

You send me a request and I will do my best to get a ramble!

I know you are out there.. really with almost 800 hits a day I know that you exist.. either that or there is one really lonely gal out there living on fiction.. ok ok that is possible but I prefer to think of the hundreds of you who turn to Beyond Uber for fun rambles and a link to fill your fiction addiction!

We want you.. to help make Beyond Uber the best!.. Plleeezzz ;)
Just drop a line to me at the email above.

Thank you in advance for taking a moment to make this site a better one!!


  • Nwyn by PsiDraconis posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Our Family by Lissa posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Saturday July 1, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Happy JULY!!

Keep an eye on Beyond Uber for some Fun on the 4th!!

Hoping you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!

When Raven suggested I write a ramble I was completely at a loss for what to write. She suggested I say something about myself and why I write. So here goesÖ.

I write because I love to tell stories. But thatís not really the whole reason. Since I was a kid, Iíve always had stories rolling through and around my other thoughts. And that remains true today. It doesnít matter if Iím at work (donít tell my boss this), driving (or the cops), hiking, whatever, my mind is full of characters and things theyíre doing or saying. So it was a pretty easy leap from having them in my head to typing their stories into my computer.

Almost anything can set my mind to thinking up a story. I might see an old building and begin to imagine the people that once occupied it. Or hear something and think ďthat would make a great storyĒ and off I go. I have no problem coming up with new characters and storylines or weaving my existing characters into new stories. My problem is that I donít have enough time to write them all down.

I guess it's about time that I tell you who I am.

My name is Mickey Minner and I have three books coming out about two great gals, Jesse Branson and Jennifer Kinsington Branson, and their life in frontier Montana Territory. The Sweetwater Saga series follows Jesse and Jennifer as they meet, fall in love, begin a family and deal with all kinds of turmoil that they would rather not have to deal with. I really love these characters and hope to be writing about them for a long time.

I guess you could say Iíve been Ďcountryí all my life. Even though I was born in Los Angeles and raised in the beach suburbs, in my heart I was a simple girl from the 1800s. My grandfather passed his love of the old west onto me and Iíve never looked back. Hereís a secret nobody knowsÖ one of the characters in the Sweetwater Saga is named after Grandpa. Which one youíll have to figure out when you read the stories. (BG)

Hereís another little secret about me. I always wanted one of my stories to be good enough to be awarded a Swollen Bud. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to posting my stories online the Swollen Buds Awards were no longer being presented. A loss I regret to this day (sigh). I donít recall ever seeing an explanation as to why they were stopped so maybe thereís hope for me yet, should they ever be given fresh life. (wink) In the meantime, Iíd be happy to see my name listed on Ravenís listing of Individual Writer Sites. It would be quite the honor to have my name next to the other writers. (hint, hint)

I guess Iíve rambled long enough. I invite you to visit my website and check out my stories. Not all are westerns so if youíre not into those, you may find another story you like. And I have lots of photos of Montana on my site so, if you like pretty scenery, take a look.

Thanks to Raven for inviting me (I hope this is what you wanted) and a great, big thank you to her for the support she has given me including posting my stories on this site. Thanks to all of you for letting me ramble.


  • Stud XIII by S. Berry posted on E-scribblers(Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Stud XIV by S. Berry posted on E-scribblers(Beyond Uber Alt)

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Monday June 28, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Good Evening!!

Hey there tonight we have a thought provoking ramble from Alex Tryst! Check out her stories and give her an email on the subject!! What's your opinion??

First of all, thanks to Raven for the invitation to post a ramble. I didnít have any idea what I might like to write about until this subject came to my attention.

The Office Crush and Mental Cheating

Last night as I was on my way home from work I heard a radio DJ talking to his intern about his office crush and whether or not that was mental cheating. That struck me as odd, because I had never heard of such a thing. What is mental cheating? Basically the DJ and his intern went back and forth for several minutes trying to define what it was and if this intern was guilty of it. Hereís the scenario.

The intern has a second job and a new woman came to work there shortly after he did. Upon meeting said woman, he began to have those giddy feelings that people get. I usually call it ďthe new relationship giddinessĒ (Iím sure you know what Iím talking about. You feel like youíre an inept teenager.). The guy claimed that he has these feelings and sometimes explores them in his mind (daydreaming, fantasizing, whatever you want to call it), but he has never acted on them at any time out of respect for his current relationship. He hasnít even told this woman he has these feelings. The DJ claimed that because he did this he was cheating mentally. The DJís take was that if youíre with someone you should only have thoughts and feelings for that person. If you have thoughts or feelings of someone else outside of that, youíre cheating mentally.

At that point I had to turn the station, because personally I couldnít agree with that argument (and they were starting to bicker). To me that goes against the very nature of human beings. (Physiologically and psychologically most humans are not meant to be monogamous. Itís a primal inclination we all have. It doesnít mean everyone does it, but it is a base instinct to reproduce with multiple partners.) Mental cheating? Hereís the way I have to break this down. First, the word cheating means to deceive, to deprive, to mislead, in other words to be dishonest to someone about something. And the word mental relates to matters of the mind only. How can someone be mentally cheating on their spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend if they are merely thinking about another person? Is this other significant person being deprived, deceived, or misled simply by their spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend having sexual thoughts about another person? I say the answer is no.

I must digress here and state that I have been in a relationship with the same woman for ten years, so I do come from the camp were monogamy is a prized possession. In the ten years we have been together, I have not ever been physically involved with another person. Even more, I have not ever been emotionally involved with any other person either. There have been the occasional office crushes that, if examined, paramount to base attraction that have no meaning.

I think this happens to everyone at one point or another. For me, it happens at every job I find myself in. I just recently changed jobs six weeks ago, and I already have developed an office crush. This woman and I do not have daily contact as she works in another department, but we run into each other in the elevator and at weekly company-sponsored events. Do I think about her? Yes. Do I fantasize about her? Sometimes. Do I ever speak inappropriately to her or about her? Does she know about these extra-curricular activities of mine? Absolutely not. Does this make me a cheater? Does this make my relationship with my spouse any less valuable or important? I donít think so, but some people might disagree.

Some people might say it does if my wife doesnít know about it. Some might say it does if she does know about it. In my situation, my wife knows Iím prone to sexual interest in others. However, we have trust and faith in each otherís hearts and intentions. Neither one of us has ever done anything to break that. If anything, the interest we acquire in other people changes our relationship for the better.

For example, my wife recently had a crush on one of her professors at school, a crush that was obviously returned. Her professor didnít even try to hide her interest in my wifeís physical attributes (Not that I blame her. She is a beauty.) Everyone noticed, even me who was living three hours a way at the time. So how did I handle it? I simply asked about it. She admitted it, even said why she had the crush. It was this womanís intellectual brilliance. I relayed my concern, because of this professorís authority over her future grade in the class, not about the crush, and let it be. And why did I do that? I trust her implicitly. And in turn how does my wife feel about my crushes, which are more frequent than her own? She feels the same way I do. She trusts me no matter what the circumstances. In fact, she says sheís relieved sometimes that someone else has to take on the burden of my sexual voracity, so she can catch a breath.

I know that we have a special relationship based in complete trust and love, and because of that neither of us really wishes for something else. However, after ten years adding a little spice to the same old meal can make a deal of difference. It keeps it fresh and new. I donít think it makes anyone a cheater.

This is just my opinion. Iíd be happy to hear what anyone else has to say on the subject of mental cheating. To me it doesnít exist, but Iím sure there is someone out there that disagrees, and Iíd like to know why. I am sure someone could explain it better than that crazy DJ and his intern. So please, regardless of the side you are on, write and let me know. You can reach me at I love getting emails and do my best to answer in a timely manner. The timeliness part can be tricky, but you will get a response. Or if you want to respond here Iím sure Raven would let you if you asked nicely enough.

Also, if youíre looking for something to read, check out some of my stuff as well as the other great authors listed on the following sites:

-Alex Tryst

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Monday June 26, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Good Evening!!

Have you ever started that project.. you know the one.. it will only take a couple of hours .. it won't be that hard!!

You know the one.. that is that simple Saturday project that is now known to you and all your friends as "THE PROJECT FROM HELL!!!"!!! Yes .. that one, well we decided that our basement subfloors were just to dusty and plain and it would only take a few hours to pick up carpet and roll it out; we don't need to do anything fancy...

Ya.. Well "The Project From Hell!" began Friday when we found a great deal on reminisce carpet 2 12x18 pieces that worked ok together. Well next problem do we get it home.. the nice gal at the counter let us know that we can rent their truck but it was out for the night. It would probably be good to come first thing in the morning as Saturday it gets quite busy! Ok now I don't know how to help you visualize my partnerís look when the girl sweetly told us that they open promptly at 6:00am! Besides the rolling of eyes and grumbling she was very enthusiastic to start our weekend with the rising of the sun!! I believe her comment leaving the store was something to the effect of ďWhy do we even have weekends!!>

Yes my partner and I have been working projects for the past year since we moved into our first house!! Living on 5-6 hours of sleep has become normal and if I tell Betsy one more time "As soon as we finish___Fill In THE Blank, we can relax!" Hard to believe but yes, we are still married :)

So this weekend simple project again "The Project From Hell" began at 5:15am Saturday as we want to be there as soon as they open... or was that as soon as I could pry my partner's eyes open..anyway
We were the first there for the truck ;)

I decided to check out the reminisce one more time and we found one more piece of carpet, enough to cover the whole basement!! YEA!! So we paid for this and got it loaded and raced home (you only get 75 min for $19.95) Then we left the garage door opener in our car.. that we left in the stores parking lot!

Ok we can work with this we have thought ahead and programmed our garage door opener with a key code..yep a key code.. took a while but B remembered our key code!

Now we have to back the large truck into our garage... did you know those wonderful trucks you rent now come with those irritating back up warning beepers.. that you can't figure out how to turn off.. and let all the neighborhood know on a Saturday at 6:30am that you have a "large" weekend project going on.. Whew luckily no one actually came out to yell at us but I am sure cursed to their spouses " What the Hell is the Weekend For If you Can't Sleep IN". Is this sentiment sounding familiar??

Well push..shove and it's in and we make it back in time (sorry no last min amazing count down story)!! My spouse is reminding me that FOOD would be a good idea if I would like to live through the day, so I suggest I take her out to breakfast :).. ( I may be crazed but I don't have a death wish!!)

So by the time we get working on this lovely project .. say it with me "THE PROJECT FROM HELL!!" we actually realize that we will have to work this one section at a time and need to clean and move all the lovely furniture.. now your are saying to yourself.. didn't they realize that before they started.. well all I can tell you is denial is not just a river in Egypt!!

The first piece goes down pretty well .. yep this is a snap!!

Where the second piece will go is where we have built our makeshift kennel to house our two Aussies (one girl Rio and one boy..Dusty .. The Monster, more in future episodes), ok.. take apart the kennel ..lay down the new carpet.. finish putting the carpet down at 10:30 pm.. at 10:35 pm we realize we need to rebuild the entire kennel before we can go to bed!! So with a dog we lovingly call 'Monster Destructo' you probably know why we stayed up till 3:30am.

Ok Ok so how smart would you be after putting carpet down after only 5 hours of sleep!!
After we attack all sugar in our home we work on our kennel.. till 3:30am Sunday morning..

Did I mention we had to PICK UP our friend (who broke her arm and is unable to drive) at 7:00am to celebrate PRIDE in Denver.. :)

Well we waived our flags.. and did our duty of purchasing rainbow goods .. and promptly went home to sleep the remainder of the day...

So you folks out there going.. Why haven't they updated Beyond Uber.. This one's for YOU! :)


Have your own "Project From Hell!!" story you want to share.... send it to me!!!
Enough of my tedious story.. here is some fun fiction!!

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Tuesday June 20, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Hey there ..searched high and low and have a few updates for you.

To make up for so few updates, how about a special ramble ..ok ok***Not Only a Ramble .. but a Beyond Uber Exclusive!!!***

From one of my favorite authors...drum roll.....

Tonight I am so excited to provide a special ramble from - Ann Anzel!!!

Raven highly recommends her stories.

A Ramble by Anne Azel

Readers always want to know why I started writing. Naturally, itís an epic story. It goes like this. In The Beginning there was the snow storm. Not your ordinary snow storm but the mother of snow storms. I was trapped in a frozen wilderness waiting for spring. After the second day, having failed miserable at climbing walls, I took up writing. I wrote a new story and posted it each day until the snowplough finally arrived. They were terrible. The stories, that is, not the snowploughs. The snowploughs were just big and dumped even more snow in the driveway. My attempt at fan fiction I put down to frost bite of the brain and moved on. I did get one fan email of the flame variety. It was from a card carrying witch who was offended that I used a stereotype of an evil, ugly witch in one of my stories. Having been rescued from the Great White North, I gave up writing immediately.

My Second Coming, was the result of a smashed ankle. It was either look at my purple and swollen foot for five weeks or write stories. I decided to bare my soul as well as my sole and ended up starting the Encounter Series. They were fairly easy to weave together as they took place in countries I have had the remarkable good fortune of visiting such as Turkey, Egypt, Peru, etc. What can I say, Iíve kept moving in case the witch or the snow caught up to me again.

Then there was The Revelation. Weíve all had one. Roughly translated my heart was broken and I came out of the experience depressed and wiser. Having no social life left, I took to writing again. The result was the Seasons Series. There was lots of fan mail now. Big mistake folks, I kept writing. Since then there has been the Murder Mysteries, the Journeys Series, the Short Story Series, and Iron Rose Bleeding. Since I started writing and posting to Tomís site many years ago, Iím damn near eternal. Some countries have had shorter life spans than my fan fiction posts. The originals were actually posted off a 486!

The other burning question I need to stamp out is where do I feel my writing is going. Stamp! Stamp! There thatís done.

Now back to the epic. This is where I get serious and talk straight from the shoulder about fan fiction, publishing and writing. This is particularly easy for me because Iím short. My shoulder shooting tends to knee-cap people. Iím not sure what tall people do to shoot from the shoulder but I canít believe itís straight shooting unless they fall to their knees. Maybe they just slouch. Note the problem. We wrote fan fiction, had it published and then started considering ourselves writers and not bards. Wait for the straight shot to the knee cap. Itís coming. Fan fiction is entertaining, creative and often gives us a pleasant tickle to the neverlands before bed (which is much better than going blind slowly in the bathroom.) but it is not good writing.

Eek! Stop the flames! Iím not saying there are not good writers posting fan fiction. There are some excellent ones. Itís just fan fiction by its very nature restricts a writer from growing. Look at me. I barely got over five feet and Iíve been writing for years. Nor does expanding into uber or other more original works help. The expectations are there. We as readers want creative entertainment and the slap and tickle. If we wanted to read something heavy and serious weíd go to the library. I went once. My advice is under no circumstance yell out, Hey where do you keep the raunchy lesbian fiction stuff?

I think what Iíd like to see is a change in world view among readers and bards. Yes, lets keep the adventures, romances, and high action of the classic posted story. We all need to hang loose and simply escape into a fantasy world especially if its been snowing for days. But lets also encourage writing for the sake of art. In case you are wondering, Art is the librarian I met who showed me to the door and told me not to come back until I knew the difference between story telling and good writing. I think he might have a point because I felt something jabbing into my back as he escorted me out.

Best Wishes, Anne Azel

****A Short Myth based on Ojibway legends by Anne Azel just for the Beyond Uber Readers.******

The waters of Lake Superior are cold and deep. It is a huge, moody lake beautiful but unforgiving. Those that drowned there never come to the surface but are taken by the Windigo. The Windigo is a huge monster with thin lips and fang teeth. Itís breath is a snake hiss and when it comes to shore itís footprints are filled with blood. The Winidigo kills and devours all it meets or possesses them turning them into Winidgo monsters too. Itís home is deep in the darkness of Lake Superior. Its breath the sudden, violent winds. Its muscles the roll of the waves and its fingers the watery grasp clawing against the shore rocks. When the Windigo is anger the storms are violent. When it sleeps Lake Superior is calm.

At the beginning of time, Lake Superior was not like this. It was small and shallow and wild rice grew along its shores. Here two women lived. One was beautiful and caring. Her name was Sweet Grass. Sweet Grass made a wigwam home for herself and her partner. The other, Deep Waters, was strong and moody and a hunter and warrior. She provided for them and protected them. They were happy together. But Manitou was not happy. He wanted the Ojibway nation to flourish and grow. He sent the giant wolf who in the old days dwelt on the cliffs near Thunder Bay. The wolf dug in its huge claws and ripped at the floor of the rice lake. He gouged it deeper and deeper until the rice lake was no more and only a huge, wide canyon remained.

When Deep Waters saw this she ran out and did battle with the giant wolf. All day and all night they fought until the wolf finally caught Deep Waters by the throat and snapped her neck. But still the warrior held on and pulled the mighty wolf with her down into the depths of the canyon.

Sweet Grass was left alone by her ruined world. Each day for the rest of her life she cried. Her tears filled up the massive canyon burying her lover under a huge lake. Manitou felt sad for Sweet Grass then. When she died, Manitou stretched her body across the heavens so that she could be with her lover always. Sometimes she still cries. Her rains caress her great lake lover. Then Deep Waters reaches for her, rolling her waves high to kiss the sky.

The huge wolf did not die for Deep Waters could not kill it. Nor could the wolf live again because Deep Waters had grasped its soul. It has become the Windigo and wanders with hate and evil through the Ojibway lands seeking only to destroy.

Contact Anne:

You can email Anne at She promises to email back before the end of the century.

You can also visit Anne Azelís World at

Stories by Anne

Encounter Series: Amazon Encounter, Turkish Encounter, PNG Encounter, Egyptian Encounter, Peruvian Encounter, English Encounter.

Seasons Series: Autumn Winds, Winter Snow, Spring Rains, Summer Heat, Indian Summer and the Easter Island Mystery

Murder Mystery Series: Dead Fall, Dead Funny, Dead Aim, Dead Duck, Dead Ringer, Dead Right

Journeys Series: South Africa, China, Kenya.

Short Stories Series: A Christmas Story, A Christmas Tree, Christmas Boxes, A Mission Beach Christmas, All of Them, Three Women, Pirate Gold. (To be posted around November Ď06)

Iron Rose Bleeding

Books by Anne Encounters - Renaissance Alliance (out of print)

Seasons - Renaissance Alliance (out of print)

Murder Mysteries 1 - Renaissance Alliance (out of print)

Encounters - Blue Feather

Journeys - Blue Feather

Seasons Ė Cavalier

Gold Mountain - PD Publishing (coming November 2006) (This one is for Art)


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Saturday June 17, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

First I would like to let you all know that Calli's Creation the wonderful site to bring us such wonderful graphic (Like Beyond Uber:) is still alive and well and can be reached at
Calli's Creations
Be sure to stop by and enjoy her works!!! Don't forget to let her know if you enjoy her graphics!!

I also have for you another RAMBLE!! Yep and if you have not heard from one of your favorite authors lately please send me an email and I will see what I can do ;)!!

Now for tonights ramble we have....CRUISE!!! She has a new installment to her latest story and her published work Paradise Found is being reprinted with tons of extras!!

Heeerrrreeess.. Cruise

I would like to thank Raven for giving me the opportunity to ramble!

I have had some major changes happen in my life since the last time I rambled. One of which is I moved diagonally across the country from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to the state of Washington (just outside of Seattle)! My partner and I decided it was time to leave the hot weather and the hurricanes behind especially after hurricane Wilma caused major damage to our neighborhood when she ripped through our county. Needless to say, the week we spent without power and cooking on the grill made our decision so much easier. Our decision has been a wonderful one as we both have jobs that we love and we live in a state that is very accepting of us and our life style. The first week we were here they passed the gay rights bill, which says a lot for the people that make up this great state. We recently purchased a townhouse and moved in last weekend. So, we have been crazy busy trying to get all of the boxes unpacked and our belongings put away. We didnít unpack very many of our boxes when we initially moved from Florida, which was a big help, but it would be nice to have everything unpacked. Soon!

We have taken up hiking since moving here, which is something we never would have done in Florida. First off, there are no mountains in Florida, well other than the dump, but that is not fun to climb and secondly, it is way too hot to even attempt to exercise outdoors! We have seen so much beautiful terrain since we started hiking that it is just wonderful and we have just begun with our hiking adventures. A couple of weekends ago we hiked to the summit of Tiger Mountain. We had a beautiful view of Mount Si, Mount Rainier (volcano) and we literally had wild birds eating out of our hands. We had cranberries and it you held your hand out; they would land and eat the berries. What a wonderful way to spend your day!

In the midst of moving across the country to a new city, into an apartment, for almost six months, and now into a new townhouse I have been writing Double Play. Unfortunately, because of all the moving the story updates have been delayed, but an update will be posted today!

We had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Renee Oí Connor at the Bardcon last October. She was very gracious, sweet and nice when she introduced herself as she shook our hand and was very patient as she took numerous pictures with us. The picture of Renee, Monica (my lovely partner/web mistress) and I is the background picture for my computer.

Paradise Found, the story I co-wrote with Stoley, has been revised and reprinted with The Tribe Press. The new version also contains bonus material that was not included in the original printed story, which we think everyone will enjoy.

I have also been working on a couple of scripts for two music videos that I would like to create and get posted very soon.

I have met some incredibly wonderful and supportive people since I began writing fan fiction that have given me opportunities that I never would have had if it were not for the Xenaverse/fan fiction world. So, as you can imagine the fan fiction world is very dear to me. I would like to thank all the readers for your support and for being so patient! I would also like to thank Raven for her hard work with this site, the web mistresses just donít get enough credit for all that you do. We appreciate your support!

I think Iíve rambled too much and you all are wondering, Ďwhy isnít she posting Double Play,í so Iím off to get my web mistress to post the story!

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble!

Have a great day,

You can email her at : Visit her site at

The Tribe Press and their address is

Now for some new fictionÖ.

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Friday June 16, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Well well.. tonight I bring you a Ramble from another Raven.. BS RAVEN!! Here is her Ramble for your enjoyment!! Be sure to check out her stories especially her latest story!! Also check out her first story Length of Joy ( I hear it is her personal favorite!)

Hi Everyone!

When Raven (nice name there LadyÖSmile) invited me to do a ramble I was delighted. I could ramble on for pages about my latest fishing trip and the whopper that got away, or the new camera Iím tinkering with, or the attachments that I simply couldnít resistÖ.ButÖIím not sure anyone would be interested in those ramblings, so I thought Iíd stick to quirks about writing. Bored already, huh? LOL

Although none of my stories have been published yet, I have had two un-solicited offers to publish my writings, but I simply wasnít ready at the time. By this, I mean, my personal life was in turmoil over family, health and other issues and I didnít feel I had the necessary time or energy required to polish the stories for publication. Now, things have become a little more settled in my life and Iím about ready to submit to a publisher.

Speaking of charactersÖOh! We werenít speaking about characters were we?(LOL) Well, I attempt to make both the main characters of equal strength, but not in the same areas, with some being weaker and supportive in certain aspects, while their counterpart may be more aggressive in others. Further, the sub-characters are not there just to fill up the story, but to add much needed detail in the overall plot and support the main characters. Even my mean or evil vixens have been given strong personalities. I feel comfortable that Iíve accomplished this when readers send comments like, ďYou have got to do a sequel, because that witch (I changed the word) has to pay for what she had doneĒ, or ďI really hate that woman and hope she meets some deserving, messy, and horrible, tragic endĒ, or the one I received from one of my beta readers, ďI just want to wring her neckĒ. When this happens, you know you have created a believable, solid character.

Frequently, once I start writing, the writing is constantly changing direction, even until the final page, and I have altered many an original outline for that very reason. Yep! Some ideas do come to me in dreams. My theory is that when you sleep, all this interesting, strange stuff happens, because youíve just had your dreams, and your artistic subconscious has been bubbling around and telling its own stories, so thatís when I write. I write from, say, seven to whenever I can stand it, which usually isnít very long, then Iím probably off to the river, or lake fishing and always take a camera. Another whacky thing about my getting ideasÖThey just pop into my head and linger and linger and linger, developing all the whileÖ LOL. Besides the dreams, the discovery ideas for a story come from: Something Iíve read, heard, an event, someone Iíve met, something Iíve seen, and most certainly from the past. Itís bizarre at times for the idea wonít leave, it just keeps expanding in my mind and events unfold for days on end. My thinking keeps replaying the scenes and adding along the way until I have a pretty detailed outline, including various dialogue. I then sit down and put the extensive outline on the computer, along with other dialogue and scenes that pop into my imagination are added to the outline. The draft outline is expanded over time, and then may stay in the story folder indefinitely until Iím compelled to actually sit down and write the tale. I donít know if other writers have this happen to them or not, but occasionally another idea will start and my thoughts go from one story to another or one story will be completed within a few hours.

When it comes to writing about sex, someone asked me, ďWhat is the role of sex in your characterís relationships and how do you create sex without being openly vulgar?Ē MmmÖmost of us spend the early half of our lives in pursuit of sex, something which become pretty irrelevant in the end. I canít remember for sure, but I believe it was Almond that said ďSex is just a wet place to keep our hearts.Ē Sure, it's a deeply meaningful experience - but only as an expression of the emotions that live beneath the rolling on the sheets. Sometimes words are used to express the act of love making, and occasionally I do go into graphics, but not usually. I donít have the urge to write about the sexual act, but having been told that I needed to put more spark into those scenes, Iíve tried to explore more vivid idly at least one scene of ďexplicitĒ arousals,. Then it is easier for me to use the composition of that visual image in language to set the mood for those needs instead of being soÖ.descriptive.

Okay, Iíve bored you stiff about writing, so anyone for catching a large bass or several brim? I have ten or twelve extra rods and if a cane pole is your thing, then how about a half-dozen in various lengths? Iím headed out now so thanks for allowing me to ramble on and on and Ö..ZZZZZZZZ.

Finally to Beyond Uber, and Raven, many thanks for the kind invitation. Take care, be safe and take a few hours just for yourself. Betty (B. S. Raven)

Stop by BS Raven's Site and enjoy her first and latest fiction - ĎA Length Of Joyí and ďThe Silence Of The MistĒ are posted only on my website: You can drop her an email at

Remember to feed the bards!! They do so much and ask for so little!!

Now for the evenings fiction selections-

  • Dakota's Way by Robin Hicks posted on The Academy of Bards. (Beyond Uber Alt)

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Thursday June 15, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Good Evening!!

I wanted to let you know I made a mistake.. yes me.. I am very sorry and hope you will all forgive me.. I posted an inaccurate ramble. I have reposted with correct information like well the story Tomahawkíd is not available on the net because .. its being published!! Check out DS Bauden's correct ramble from June 10th!!! Now for tonight we have a ramble from Vertigo!! Check out all her stories on Vertigo's World!!!

Yes, she just finished her latest story Keeping the Faith so check it out after you read her ramble!!

Thanks again and remember to Feed the Bards!!! You can email Vertigo at

So I was invited to ramble and the first thing I thought was AH! The pressure! But then I thought, Iíve read so many rambles by so many people, Iím sure I can keep you entertained for a few paragraphs.

I took my dog to the groomers this morning, and first let me preface by saying my dog is an elderly gentleman; deaf and practically blind. Donít feel bad for him, because he doesnít give a flying fig about it. He happily walks into trees, takes headers off the sidewalk and will manage to tumble into the only pile of dirt for milesÖ on his back, flailing like a beached whale. Heís a Shih-Tzu, a small dog, so heís not too much trouble to pick up and turn around.

So anyway, today, on the way to the groomers, we get to the car, and he suddenly pretends heís crippled and canít walk. He throws himself on the ground, begins to tremble and kick like heís having a seizure. People are watching, concerned as I yell at the deaf dog to get the hell up and cut the crap. I fight with him to get his seat belt attached, all the while the onlookers are speed dialing animal cruelty . Finally, hot and sweaty, I give up on his seat belt and toss him in the back seat with my dirty gym clothes. The first turn I make, he winds up on top of my nylon shorts, body surfs across the leather seats, smacks into the side of the car, and tumbles onto the floor behind my seat. I am on the highway, unable to stop and fix him. Several times, I hear him attempting to jump back onto the newly Armor All covered leather seats and failing miserably. Blind and deaf, I canít even console the poor thing that I didnít mean it and itís not some cruel punishment for having the mock seizure. Amazing me completely, he manages to get back on the seat, and leap over the console between the front bucket seats, throwing me into neutral while still on the highway. He chooses to smoosh himself between me and the steering wheel. I canít make a turn without the wheel getting stuck on the dog and nearly crash exiting the highway.

Well, we get to the groomers and after some Academy Award worthy acting, finishes his bath. He looks so handsome and as we exit the car to go home, he promptly trips over a leaf, yes a leaf, and flops face first into a puddle of fresh dog pee.

Ah, yes. Just another Tuesday.

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Wednesday June 14, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven


I wanted to take a few moments to tell you all "Thank YOU!!!" You don't know how much your support of the site has meant to me.

I started Beyond Uber over 5 years ago...WOW!!
Many changes have occurred over the years and when the site was down many of you emailed me to find out if we had left the internet. Many of you have been using Beyond Uber all this time to satisfy your Fan Fiction Addictions. It is amazing how far we have come and the changes life has brought over the years!

I personally have been in a vortex of change and thankfully due to others who have shared the vision of Beyond Uber have been here to help maintain the site.

If you will indulge me I would like to share a story with you which may also explain why fiction has meant so much to me.

About 10 years ago when Xena came along I started watching the show because I had insomnia and could not sleep .. sure enough Sunday nights this crazy kung foo ass kicking women showed up and at first I figured it was something to watch. Then I began taping the show.. then I started to obsess watching the show. It was the chemistry between Xena and Gabrielle it fascinated me. It was the beginning of my understanding of my own sexuality..

Yep.. I am thick.. ;) In my obsession for Xena I found Xena Fan Fiction and then REALLY began to understand what I was feeling :) My obsession lead to wanting to give back to the writers who had enlightened me to my true self. I began Beyond Uber to help promote the writers who had moved past the Xena characters to creating their own stories. I think Beyond Uber has made a difference, over 970,000 hits in the past 5 years seems to attest to our popularity!

Getting back to my story.. Fan Fiction for me helped me to relate my feelings. I also realized that for so many stories to be written of love.. the trials and beauty of a life shared that there must be that TRUE LOVE out there in the world. The one where couples hold hands, love, laugh and grow old together. I too wanted to find this kind of special love .. so on Jan 1, 2002 I told my family that I was gay, that I was happy and that I wanted to share my life with someone and I wanted to have them be accepted as part of my life. I was blessed by not only my immediate family but my extended cousins, Uncle etc.

With this out of the way I checked out an internet dating service and started on my quest.. ok so I dated before but I was looking for someone that I might not meet at a bar etc. I kept myself busy reading and reading my beloved fan fiction.. I was not a social butterfly.

So one day I received an email from this gal in April 2002.. seemed nice .. but she was a VIRGO.. oh can't date those, my dad and sister were Virgos and to say that I did not always get along.. well families can be ..challenging.. ya.. that's it. Any way I sat on that email reply for about a month. I had dated others and was ready to begin my life of celibacy, mind you I met some nice folks who were friends.. but I had not met that one that sparked my attention the one I could see myself spending my life with.. the whole X & G thing.

Well, I came across this gal's email again and felt guilty that I had not even replied, so I started a conversation with her. When I had insomnia I would email her Tickle Quizzes to take.. we actually had a lot in common. I still was not ready to met her.. I was busy it was spring and I had a new nephew.. .. I mean really she was a VIRGO!!! ok ok .. fine, she emailed me that her roommate was singing back up to Barry Manilow she had free tickets.. ok ok.. well I liked Barry Manilow (now showing my true age... No I am not that OLD.. 42 thank you!!) so ok I had no excuses.. I would go to the concert.. ya that was it!!!

Well, I still remember that sweet short gal with brown hair, glasses and a bright smile that answered the door when I came to pick her up. I still remember the sweet smell of the small rose she gave me when I walked in the door. The concert was fun but it was even more fun looking over at this sweet face!

Today, I celebrate my 4 year anniversary with my beloved partner Betsy (aka Mystic Muse). On Sunday June 11th we celebrated our 2 year commitment ceremony that we had in Grand Lake, Co with all our family and friends. A beautiful ceremony in the woods over looking the lake. With Beyond Uber's - (BU Site Artist) Singer singing our song!

So Folks I am here to tell you that all these stories of romance can be more real then you can imagine!!!!

Enjoy the fiction out there .. these stories can be yours to read and I am here to tell you to live.. it takes only looking and accepting yourself and taking time to answer those who are out there waiting.
To all you writers I want to thank you for inspiring me and keeping me entertained while my soul mate and I found each other. Keep Writing Those Stories, you never know who or how they will affect a reader out there:)

Thanks for letting me share with you my story and a chance to celebrate our day!

This is dedicated to the Love Of My Life - Betsy Joy!!!

  • Promise Me Again By AnnieSA on the The Athenaeum Raven Highly Recommends!!(Beyond Uber Alt)

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Saturday June 10, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven

Hello Beyond Uber Folks!

It's so great to be back. Raven, thank you so much for your invitation, once again. What to ramble about - well, life has been incredibly crazy in the last 6-12 months for me. My partner and I moved to Bloomington, IN to open an in-home pet sitting business with a friend of ours. It's been a blast. We get to play with animals while their owners are at work or on vacation. It allows them to stay at home in their comfort zone as opposed to being on a cold concrete floor at the kennel. Feel free to check out our website if you like to see pics of dogs and cats, we take pictures of our furry friends - The nicest thing is that my clients are ALWAYS happy to see me. :) How many people can say that about their jobs, right? Although, my clients have tails that wag, soooo it might not apply to everyone. ;)

What else is going on? Oh yeah, my muse came back! I've written my first novel in three years! My muse came back with a vengeance, too. I was able to write this story in 12 days! I lived and breathed this story as it came to me. Hell, if I could do that twice a year, I'd be really happy. :) I've never been so consumed by a story in my entire life. I'm more than pleased with the story though, so it was worth it. My poor friend Ann brought me meals just so I would remember to eat, bless her heart.

It's really hard for me to believe that three years have passed since I wrote A Saving Solace, but sure nuff, time has flown right by. So what is this little tale about, you ask? Well, the story is called Tomahawk'd and it is based at a resort in Northern Wisconsin referred to as the Northwoods. Its true city name is Minocqua. I vacationed there every summer with my folks until I was about 21 and knew one day I had to write a story based there. It's simply gorgeous! I'm just glad I found a cast of characters worthy of it. :)

Here is a brief synopsis:

Jackson Thomas and Erin Hawkins meet as children when Erin's family vacations at the resort where Jackson lives with her aunt. The girls become instant friends and their bond grows over the years. During the school year, Jack and Erin are devoted pen pals and then reunite every summer when Erin's family returns to the resort.

As a budding artist, Erin finds an inspiration at the lakeside resort that will stay with her into her professional career. Jack expresses her passion through music and both girls encourage each other to pursue their art from an early age - pledging to always be the other's biggest fan.

When the girls begin to mature, Erin's mother, Katie, becomes uneasy with their closeness and develops paranoia, much to her husband's dismay, about a relationship between the girls that could be more than a friendship.

Tomahawk'd is a coming of age story. It explores family love and pressures, making decisions that pit self interest against parental love, giving in to please someone else at the expense of one's desire and finally, learning to fight for love and individualism that everyone deserves to have in their life.

I fell in love with this story and hopefully you all will as well. A great thing though, Bella Books fell in love with it as well and will be publishing Tomahawk'd next year. This was always a big goal of mine to be signed with such a reputable company that I almost kissed my phone after talking with Linda Hill after her call. I'm sure her ears are still ringing :) To be housed with lesbian favorites like Karin Kallmaker, Claire McNab, Peggy J. Herring, Saxon Bennett, Therese Szymanski and one of my new favorites, Gerri Hill, well to say I'll be in good company wouldn't even come close to do them justice. It's simply an honor for me. I can't wait to begin the whole process. And for those of you who know how much I "love" to edit my work, you know I must be excited. :)

The first two chapters are available on my website - - please feel free to check it out.

Anyhoo, that's what's going on in my life for now. Life is treating me pretty well and I try to remember that every day because we have one life to live and we may as well have fun while we're here, right?

Please keep Hurricane Katrina in your minds, don't forget that it happened. New Orleans needs your prayers and support more than you can imagine. After nine months that city looks like the storm hit yesterday. It's not in the news anymore but it's still a VERY REAL situation for the folks down there. Do what you can and help give those people the gift of life again since theirs were taken so brutally. It always feels good to help others so please extend your hearts, hands and money, but not necessarily in that order.

Happy Summer All - Thanks again to Raven for asking me back to keep Beyond Uber rambling on and on ...

Be good... Or be good at it...


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Thursday June 8, 2006

Raven's Ravings by um...Raven


No we are not dead.. just computer/site issues. We are back and working the site! I won't bore you with all the details, instead how about a fun ramble from one of my favorite authors! Be sure to check out her long awaited sequal with our favorite charaters!!!

The updates below are for the month of June! First, I want to thank all those who went before me. I've read so much wonderful fiction from fantastic writers, I feel extremely humbled before them. (I'd prostrate myself, but it would probably hurt.)

I spent the Memorial Day weekend enslaved, I mean helping, my mother rearrange her house. The woman is sixty-four years young, and I, being twenty-two years younger, can't keep up. I swear, she's the Energizer Bunny of the over-sixty set. It's a five bedroom house, and we cleaned the "treasures" from one room. You wouldn't believe what people will scavenge from the curb! I'm talking an entire milk crate full of scratched records (Roy Clark, anyone?) from the past forty years, not to mention the broken-down turntable that came from Radio Shack in 1980. An old saddle, which was nothing but a rotted shell of its former self, an old set of bull horns (no, they weren't mine - I do have *some* dignity), and an old sewing machine table, minus the old sewing machine. There was a lot more, as my father had been quite a packrat, but I'll not bore you with the details here. (Insert collective sighs of relief.) After we shoveled, um, removed the rest of the "stuff", we proceeded to clean ALL the carpets in the house, with the rented cleaner from Hell. Okay, so I'm the one who "volunteered" for the duty. That was all on Saturday and Sunday.

After swearing to never darken her door again (at least until she ran out of chores), I stupidly showed up again on Monday. This time we moved the entire guest bedroom from one side of the house, to the other. I found the sore muscles from Sunday, only this time they complained a little, okay, a LOT louder. Can feet fall off from overuse?

Finally, I was able to go home and work on something much more fun - my latest story with Lex and Amanda, To Hold Forever. The Royal Academy of Bards graciously hosts all my stories - those folks are awesome! And, I'm thrilled to announce the publication of my newest book, Diving Into the Turn, which can be ordered through StarCrossed Productions. It's about a woman bull rider, and a lady barrel racer. It's a story close to my heart, as I did the same as a youngster (barrel raced, NOT bull riding - I'm crazy, not stupid!). It was a fun one to write. You can get sneak previews of the stories on my chat list, . Be warned, they're not edited when I post to the list. My website is , where I bore people with even MORE mundane details .

Thanks to Beyond Uber for allowing me to take up a little bit of your time, and their space :-)


  • Intuition by KM posted on The Athenaeum Raven Highly Recommends!!(Beyond Uber Alt)

  • The Perilous Rendezvous By Nene Adams posted on The Ivory Tower Raven Recommends!!! Sequel!!!! Gaslight stories!! (Beyond Uber Alt)

. . . n a v i g a t e   b e y o n d   u b e r . . .